Sadaf Hamid

Name Sadaf Hamid
Height 5’6
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 11th April 1989
Place of Birth
Famous For Modeling

Sadaf Hamid, Female Models is famous for Modeling, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 11th April 1989

A multi-talented creative arts individual, an artist by profession, a model with a style & a person with grace.

Education: Masters (Political science)
Married & a kid
Favorite Creative Arts: City of Angels & Indian (All Salman Khan movies!), James Bond Series & Archie Comics
Favorite Colors: purple, Mauves, Lilac, Pastel & of course RED!!
Favorite Designer: Aeisha Varsey
Favorite Hangout places: kamameshi Sports bar, Flo & Café koel
Favorite co-model: Iraj
Favorite co-stars: Adnan siddique, Naheed Shabeer, Atiqa odho
Favorite Pets: Dogs
Love doing: Swimming & early morning walks
Brand Ambassador: ARY Calling cards

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