Faryal Mehmood

Name Faryal Mehmood
Nationality New York City, USA
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Acting And Singing

Faryal Mehmood, Actresses is famous for Acting And Singing, New York City, USA celebrity.

Born in Queens, NY and grew up in a house where my mother "ROOHANI BANO" was a singer and actress. I always had a passion for acting, singing and dancing. I was focused towards acting when i was 5 years old whereas I started doing commercials for different brands which enhanced my interest towards acting. As far as dancing is concerned I started when I was 4 years old. I taught belly dance and Bollywood when I was 18 in my own studio in New York for a Year. I am trained in hip-hop, classical and contemporary dance as well.

As far as my experience in singing is concerned i was taught classical music by the legendary expert of music "AZAM BAIG" (my grand father) since the age of 15. Although my taste in western pop creates a good kick of west through which I am able to serve my listeners with a good blend of eastern and western.

I worked as a makeup Artist in NY for MAC cosmetics for 6 years.

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