Qandeel Baloch

Name Qandeel Baloch
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth 15th November 1990
Famous For Acting, Singing, Modeling

Qandeel Baloch, Female Models is famous for Acting, Singing, Modeling, Pakistani celebrity.

Qandeel Baloch had first entertained herself into the glamorous world of fashion as a super model, which became her first career. After starting her career as being a confident, refreshing glamorous fashion model, Qandeel now making a name with her singing talent.

Qandeel Baloch Pakistani Actor, Singer, ModelQandeel has appeared in almost all morning shows, where she was not only revealed to the audience as a fantastic fashionista and a talented actress, but a surprisingly great singer with an equally stunningly melodious voice.

Quite recently, she had done a good job in an ARY Reality TV show, and the viewers will soon be introduced to the honor of seeing her savvy and totally hot performance on ARY.

Aside from all these activities, the dynamic passion to be a singer has driven her to much heights as a vocalist, mostly due to her interest. With that great voice, she has sung R&B and other upbeat tunes.

She had also appeared in a TV show with Mathira, where both models had clashed with one another, forcing Mathira to take plight and leave the show and making Qandeel a big favorite among many. Nowadays, in Lahore, she is profusely working on video songs.

Many different companies have become adamant on getting her to sign on their contracts. Along with many Pakistani viewers, Indians and the foreign people of UK, have also expressed their interest in having her perform in their countries

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