Eshita Mehboob

Name Eshita Mehboob
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 5 August,1985
Place of Birth
Famous For Acting, Modeling

Eshita Mehboob, Actresses (TV) is famous for Acting, Modeling, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 5 August,1985

Debut: Music video of Sun K Mein Hoon Jawan by Noorie

Personal Style: Preppy. In casual I like a pair of jeans and a T and in formal

I like to wear formal cocktail dresses.

Favourite Hero: Tom Cruise & Will Smith

Favorite Heroine: Angelina Jolie & Selma Hayek

Favorite Movie: City of Angels

Favorite Food: Thai

Do You Diet: I don't diet, I work out

Favorite Holiday Spot: Maldives.

What Makes You Happiest: Falling in love

What Scares You The Most: I have a fear of God...thats it.

What Do You Absolutely Hate: I hate liars and fake people.

Your Idea Of Love: Love means desiring for some ones prosperity without thinking about self profit.

Dream Man: Ephemeral.

Your Weakness: My family

Your Strength: My family

Your Idea of Bliss: To give others happiness, spread love and to be loved.

You're Possessive About: My dog

Motto: I'm careful to take everything one day at a time. My motto is just get to the next tree!

MESSAGE TO FANS: Thank you all for your overwhelming kindness and support. It means more to me than you can ever know. I am looking forward to the future with great excitement.

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