Sahir Lodhi

Name Sahir Lodhi
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth May 21st, 1968
Place of Birth Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Famous For Acting, Hosting

Sahir Lodhi, Actors (TV) is famous for Acting, Hosting, Pakistani celebrity. Born on May 21st, 1968

Sahir heart throb of millions of people. Glittering face of Pakistan has a fan frenzy appearance, He is successful but his success story is as same as any run-of-the-mill around. Once while interacting with young students at a school ceremony, he expressed, “I pray for you all that one day you become Sahir Lodhi or better…” Sahir always articulates common man’s language. Over his life, he has always believed in making so many people one people. His fans, not cynically or ironically but with fervent and zealous love, refer to him as a Super King.

Sahir was born on 21st May, in the town of Karachi, Pakistan. His childhood home was sprawling heritage building of very old bricks, mixed cultural, sub-urban Karachi, at Railway Colony Karachi Cantonment. He grew up at the same place and then moved to USA where he spent almost 14 years of his life, did masters in petroleum engineering.

Sahir is a second child of Ali Gohar Lodhi and Roshan Taj Lodhi among four children. He has a sister and two brothers, including him there are three. The eldest one is Aamir Lodhi. Sahir calls him bhai sahab. He works with him. The youngest one is Tahir Lodhi. He owns a routing company. Than comes the doll of the family Shahista Wahidi. She is in fact Dr. Shahista Wahidi. Sahir calls her guriya. She hosts a show at ARY Digital. Sahir is forever close to her sister. They have a tremendous chemistry and understanding of each other.

Time flues and so it did after almost a decade and 4 years abroad he moved back to Pakistan. Shahista Wahidi took him to Ghazanfar Ali, there Sahir was given his first break. He started hosting his first ever show morning transmission and a show called Chai Time.

After that life was never the same, he got busier by the second working in plays, teleflims, serials, sitcoms and soaps not to mention the first ever late night show of Pakistan “Yeh Sham Teray Naam”. He did Geo Television’s ‘Shair Online’, ‘Kuch Tum Kahao Kuch Hum Kahain’,’Ranjhey Sassi Punoon Heer’ a game show ‘Dhorajee’ from Ary Digital, later on ‘The Sahir Lodhi Show’ from TV One and than ‘Morning Masala’ from News One and couple of projects here and there.

He has acted in drama serials and single plays. ‘Bechrain Gay Abb Kaisay’, ‘Bikharnay Say Pehlay’, ‘Tum Miyray Ho’, ‘Khado Khal’, ‘Saheli’, ‘Adhoray Khaab’ are the projects he has acted in and couple of other serials as well.

He started with theater. It’s his life. He says, “If I die, you shake me up and say you have to act in a play. I will get up , I promise I’ll, I’ll open my eyes and say, tell me what’s the character. I will do it.” Same goes for his radio show called The Sahir Show on Mast fm 103. Radio is his passion and his honesty. When you ask him to say something about his radio show, he says, “Malik-ol-moot makes sure you catch me on days when I am not doing my radio, any of those five days, no chance, I am not dieing.”

Nowadays, Sahir is into establishing his foundation, ‘The Sahir Lodhi Foundation’ where he is focusing on 5 dimensions of life (A) Primary health care, (B) Education, (C) Opportunities, (D) Motivation Inspiration and (E) Legal Aid. One of Sahir’s most favorite quotes is “its not how you start its how you finish” and certainly this is not his biography, this is the beginning of the beginning. Work continues…

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