Noman Masood

Name Noman Masood
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Acting

Noman Masood, Actors (TV) is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity.

Noman Masood! The name conjures up an image of a strongly-built but gentle-looking young guy, with a soft voice to match; the guy you have mostly associated with soft, silent roles on TV. But, Noman the actor is not one-dimensional: he can be many men. And, the recently concluded Inkar goes to show just that. Noman proves his versatility by playing a negative character, and for once the actor truly shines.

No wonder, Noman is on a new high, what with all the praise he’s being larded with, post-Inkar. It’s like people are finally waking up to the actor in him.

Noman has been around for the last about 8 years, and has had the chance to work in about a dozen TV serials. He has to thank his lucky stars, for most of his plays have met with success, be it an Aahan or Bandhan or a Pehli Barish. But, the shy guy has somehow always shied away from the fourth estate, with the result that you couldn't get to see him staring out of magazine interviews like everyday. He was right in a way; he didn't need to say anything, his successes spoke for him.

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