Fayeza Ansari

Name Fayeza Ansari
Height 5' 8"
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Modeling

Fayeza Ansari , Female Models is famous for Modeling, Pakistani celebrity.

The ‘chocolate’ beauty - Pakistani fashion model Fayeza Ansari is among Top Pakistani fashion models in the industry, who earned fame within a short duration. Modeling since 2004, this Pakistani fashion model has also had the opportunity of winning the Best Emerging Talent within the new Pakistani fashion models Category in LSA in 2006.

Today, Pakistani fashion model Fayeza is the ruling beauty of the runway, among other popular models including Nadia Hussain, Mehreen Syed etc. Pakistani fashion model Fayeza Ansari Heighted 5’8” is renowned for her runway appearances. Pakistani fashion model Fayeza was introduced by Rizwan Beyg and Deepak Perwani. Pakistani fashion model Fayeza's slim frame and eccentrically striking features are ideal for modeling: thus, making her an excellent model for contemporary fashions. Pakistani fashion model Fayeza looks glamorous in western attire with her looks and appearance being different from others,
Meanwhile other models are venturing towards E-media, this Pakistani fashion model stays loyal to modeling for print media and runway. Being runway model makes Pakistani fashion model Fayeza Ansari stands exceptional among other models.

Owing to composure and attitude, Pakistani fashion model Fayeza is considered amongst the top Pakistani Fashion models. Pakistani fashion model Fayeza refrains from doing traditional shoots like the rest of the Pakistani Fashion models, yet her leading role as a runway fashion model keeps her distinguished.

Pakistani fashion model Fayeza stands tall among the other models for her distinguishing features and unconventional splendor.

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