Name Rubab
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous For Modeling

Rubab, Female Models is famous for Modeling, Pakistani celebrity.

Rubab is a veteran model with an impressive list of honors and awards on her mantle. She has been doing ramp and print modeling for more than a decade now, but you wouldn’t know it, if you looked at her today. Even though a bona fide MILF, with a grown child, she has a body that most teens would kill for. She is Amazon Class, but carries herself so well, you can’t tell, unless you see her clad in a pair of tight jeans. The beautiful long legs, they go on forever.

She is not the prettiest of all Pakistani supermodels. She doesn’t have the most shapely or biggest boobs. But she has the most proportionate features. Her face is the perfect oval, with beautiful eyes and full heart-shaped lips. The high cheekbones, sharp nose and the straight jawline give her a sort of regal bearing that sets her apart from the majority. Her tits are also large with respect to her extremely petite frame. Her tall frame, tight curves and long limbs remind you of a Barbii doll. She has been blessed with the golden ratio (and then some) and nowhere is it as prominent as on her butt.

That’s right. Rubab is blessed with a pert bottom, which in today’s slang is called an Apple Bottom. A cute butt is a rarity and truly a blessing. There are tons of pretty girls out there with flat asses and there isn’t a thing they can do about it (read: Heidi Klume, Elle McPhearson). They have come out with silicone butt implants, but who wants to sound like a balloon getting molested, whenever they take a seat ?. Rubab’s butt seems to have been drawn by a geometric instrument. Absolutely circular, firm and perfect. You can hold it, in it’s entirety, in the palm of your hand. Being a fan of larger butts, I cannot in good conscience ignore perfection, in whatever size it comes. Along with the little perfect derrier, her long lean legs clad in tight fitting jeans are a sight to behold.

One of her most attractive features is her zest for life. She was on Spotlight (HumTV) and she seemed like a fun girl with a good head on her shoulders. An easy, approachable, bubbly persona that spells out fun, joy and cheer for life. Not an easy thing to have and to hold, through the ravages of age, turmoil and motherhood. That’s more attractive than a pair of perfect tits today, when all hell is breaking lose aruond you. An elegant beauty with a good attitude (did I mention perfect buns ?), adds beauty to our world and for that I am grateful. She has no immediate plans for quitting and I hope it stays that way.

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