Ayesha Gilani

Name Ayesha Gilani
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 4 March, 1982
Place of Birth Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Famous For Modeling

Ayesha Gilani, Female Models is famous for Modeling, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 4 March, 1982

Ayesha Gilani is Miss Pakistan World for 2009. Gilani won the pageant on the 27th of June 2009 in Toronto, Ontario. Gilani is now going to represent Pakistan in various international pageants.

Gilani was born in Lahore, Pakistan and as of 2009 resides in Washington, D.C.

Ayesha Gilani won the Miss Pakistan World title on the 23rd of June 2009 in Toronto, Canada, where the Miss Pakistan World pageant gets hosted every year, which was started by Sonia Ahmed. She was also awarded the Miss Congeniality 2009 title as well.

In August 2009, Ayesha Gilani represented Pakistan in the world's 5th largest pageant - Miss Tourism Queen International 2009. Ayesha Gilani won Miss Elegant runner up within the pageant.

In November 2009, Ayesha Gilani represented Pakistan in the world's third largest pageant - Miss Earth. Pageant websites and critics did claim her to be a hopeful candidate in the top 16 for the Miss Earth 2009 contest. Gilani, brought a lot of hype and media for Pakistan in Philippines as well as in the international pageant industry, but did not make it to the top 16 in the Pageant. She did, however, make top 15 in the talent finals with her belly dance performance.

In May, 2010, Gilani represented Pakistan in Beauty of the World, held in China. There, she won the title of Beauty of Asia 2010. This pageant was Gilani's third international pageant since her crowning. She was the first girl to compete in three international pageants during her 1 year time period with the Miss Pakistan World company. Gilani finished her year off with Miss Pakistan World in August 2010, with the winning title of Beauty of Asia 2010 in China for the Beauty of the World 2010 pageant. It was also the first continental title won by Pakistan.

Ayesha Gilani is also a beauty and make-up columnist for Sapna Magazine, and Diva Nee Magazine in the United States of America.

In September 2009, Ayesha Gilani was noted in the news when she met President Musharraf in Washington, DC.

The marriage of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik was reported on the cover of the Delhi Times, and became the most talked about news for both India and Pakistan. Gilani was quoted as saying that this would be a beacon of hope for the two countries to set examples of similarities and friendship.

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