Zohaib Hassan

Name Zohaib Hassan
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 18 November, 1966
Place of Birth Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Famous For Singing

Zohaib Hassan, Singers is famous for Singing, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 18 November, 1966

Zohaib Hassan younger brother of iconic Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan,


Early career
Music 89
Late career
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Early career
He and his sister Nazia, spent their childhood in Karachi as well London. In late 70s, both siblings attended and sang at Sang Sang ChalienKaliyon Ke Mala, famous musical show mainly for children hosted by the music maestro Suhail Rana.

Zohaib debuted in 1980 with album Disco Deewane, a ground breaking album that was an instant hit both in Pakistan, as well as in India. This particular album is credited as pioneering the pop culture in sub-continent. Indian pop singers like Lucky Ali, Alisha Chinoy and Baba Sehgal, and Pakistani pop singers like Vital Signs, all are said to be inspired by the early work of Nazia and Zohaib.

In 1982, Zohaib released their second album Star/Boom Boom, once again achieving great success, followed by hit albums like "Young Tarang (1984), and Hot Line (1987). In all those albums, he was joined by Nazia Hassan, and so the success is credited to both brother and sister, though Nazia has always been regarded as the more influential and talented of the two. Zohaib sang duet songs with his sister Nazia, famous songs include Dosti, Tere Qadmon ko, and Dum Dum Di Di. He also scored hit solo songs, including Jhoom, Zara Chehra to, and Pyaar ka jaadu.

Music 89
In 1989, Nazia and Zohaib hosted the famous Music 89 show, a controversial but hugely popular music show on which nearly all the major pop stars of Pakistani music scene first came to light, including Strings, Vital Signs, and the Jupiters.

Late career
In 1995, Nazia took retirement and went on to marry. Zohaib took some time off from music, only to make a come back as a solo artist with the album Kismet in 2000. Notable songs include Kismet, Fashion and Jeena.

Personel Life
Zohaib is married to Gina, and is a father of two daughters.


Disco Deewane (1980)
Star/Boom Boom (1983)
Young Tarang (1984)
Hotline (1987)
Camera Camera (1992)
Kismat (2006)

Star/Boom Boom (1982)
Dil Wala (1986)
Ilzaam (1986)
Sheela (1987)
Saaya (1989)

Our Love Last Forever (1981)
Dreamer Deewane (1981)
Don't Think Twice (1988)
Ankhien Band Karo (1995)
Star of Asia (2002)
Medlay (2002)
Sathi Ray (2003)
Khobsorat (2003)

Tv Appearances
Disco Deewane (BBC Show 1981)
Disco Deewane (DD 1 1981)
BBC News (1981)
Zia Moh-u-Din Show (Channel 4 1981)
David Sole (1981)
David Essex (1981)
Neelam Ghar (1983–1988)
Young Tarang Show (DD 1 1984)
Aap Ke Liye (PTV 1985)
Youth Festival (1985)

PTV Election Transmission (1985)
TV Hits (1987)
BBC Show (1987)
7Th PTV Awards (1987)
PTV Awards (1988)
Don't Think Twice (1988)
Aap Ka Zamir (1987)
Music 89 (1989)
Nazia Zoheb Dubai show 89 (1989)
PTV Silver Jublie Show (1989)
Private Eye
Aap Ke Mehman (1990)
PTV 25 (1990)
Mehman-i-Khasosi (1990)
Studio 2 (1990)
Eid Show (1992)
Kaliyan (1990–1991)
Pro Audio Show (1995)
PTV World (1998)
PTV Top Ten (1999)
Zee Tv (2000)
Tribute Concert to Nazia Hassan (2002)
PTV Prime (2000)
PTV Nite Time Transmission (2002)
PTV Awards (2002)
Face of The Year (2002)
Black & White (Indus Vision 2002)
PTV Ramdan Transmission (2003)
Face of The Year (2003)
Gaye Ge Dunia Geet Mere (Geo TV, 2003)
Kismet Show (Geo TV, 2006)
Hum Morning Show (Hum Tv, 2007)
PTV ED Live Transmission (13 AUG 07)
Marina Morning (ARY Digital, 31 OCT 07)
Baat Nikley Gee Tu (ARY Digital, 26 DEC 07)

TV Commercials
Lipton (1990)
Lipton (1991)
Lipton (1992)
Walls Cornetto (2001)
Polio Compaign (2002)
Peak Fearns Biscuit (2004)

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