Shafqat Cheema

Name Shafqat Cheema
Nationality Pakistani
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Shafqat Cheema, Actors is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity.

WHEN FILM BUFFS in Pakistan talk about screen villainy, Mazhar Shah is way up there in their estimations, who was a terror for the Lollywood hero in the late Fifties and early Sixties. It was his loud slogan, called barhak in Punjabi that hit the cinema halls like bombs, and the booming decibel delighted the audiences in a period known for the feudal lords and their tyranny. Another man, whose character roles became legendary in his life time, was Alauddin, the Awami Adakar. He is known for playing a striking variety of roles. I mentioned these two famous artistes in order to make a point that Shafqat Cheema, despite the paucity of roles in local cinema today, imbibes the styles of both the celebrated actors of Pakistan!Today, Shafqat Cheema is truly an awami adakar, and people look out for his antics whenever his new film is screened. Unfortunately, today, we are too commercial and cheap to work on scripts that need an actor to test himself on a film screen. Cheema is a great fan of Alauddin, and watches his films to learn to use his expressions and gestures. He showed how much he had learnt from his study in Syed Noor's film, Chooriyan, where he did a role that was quite different from his usual one-dimensional portrayals. Similarly, he performed quite well in Mehndiwaley Hath.

Now, Shafqat Cheema has invited Indian filmmakers, Iqbal Dhillon, took the Punjabi film, Barbara Ratko Rahim Singh in the East Punjab. With Singh is King Akshay's popular, it seems that the Indian film-makers tend to make more movies Sikh personality. Of course, BRRS will be a very different film typical commercial enterprise. It focuses on the humanitarian aspects of religion. This is what makes Shafqat Cheema as the protagonist of the film is very important to include. Film's director, Radhey Cecil said that he has been watching Pakistan's Punjabi film, he likes the versatility of Shafqat Cheema, that he called him and asked him to do this role in his film. Other actors from the film Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai.

Shafqat Cheema in Lollywood is these days one of the busiest actors. He is working in Punjabi, Urdu and Pushto movies. Recently he has signed a Pushto film, Zalmi large Pakhtoonkhwa, has an important role in the Khan and Shahid Khan, Asif. Therefore, Cheema really is the people's actor.

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