Munawar Zareef

Name Munawar Zareef
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 2 February, 1940
Place of Birth Gujranwala, Punjab, British India
Famous For Comedians

Munawar Zareef, Comedians is famous for Comedians, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 2 February, 1940

He is one of my fav Pakistani comedians.

"THE Pakistani film world and comedy lovers still mourn the sudden death of Munawar Zareef one of the most celebrated and talented film artist and comedian who died in Lahore 32 years back on April 29, 1976.

Munawar Zareef gained fame for his hilarious style of comedy with a typical body language. His style was widely followed in the cinema and the theatres of the country.

He was remembered with a great sense of loss and grief on his 32nd death anniversary. He was a multi-talented artist who worked in numerous Punjabi and Urdu films and kept his audience laughing their hearts out to the brink of collapse with his subtle jokes and his hilarious gestures.

Munawar Zareef was the second generation of the comedians and belonged to a rare breed of this art, which is extinct these days. His comedy had a unique combination of decency and simplicity yet he would manage to engage almost all the segments of society in his antics.

Common people loved his crude street style of dialogue delivery and gestures while the sophisticated audience enjoyed his controlled and cultivated humour. Munawar Zareef stayed miles away from vulgarity and would strictly refrain from a third rate double speak, an order of the day in our present day comic style particularly in the theatres.

He started his career as a junior artist back in 1960 and made his way to the top in just few years since he was generously blessed with a natural talent of comedy and acting, which was reflected in his early days celluloid ventures.

Munawar was a natural artist and would seldom pester his directors with multiple takes since he had a sharp memory and would usually need to read the script only once.

In his personal life, Munawar Zareef was a responsible father and a loving husband and a complete family man.

Surprisingly, he was a very serious chap in his personal life as his family revealed. Unlike his silver screen image, he would seldom indulge in any non-serious activity at home.

Munawar Zareef appeared in many mega hits and blockbuster movies including ìHeer Ranjhaî, ìBanarsi Thugî, ìZidiî, ìJeera Bladeî, ìNaukar Wohti Daî and many more. His last film was ìAnjamî.

Munawar Zareef died in Lahore on 29th of April 1976 due to cardiac arrest. Although, more than three decades have passed but the legend of Munawar Zareef still lives on and his heart-warming comedy style is still very popular among the general masses, specially of that era." (from the International News) ..

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