Best Healthy Tips For Ramzan

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I am sure all of you must be keeping the fasts regularly. Isn’t it so? But let me tell you that various health care professionals suggest  the Muslims to keep the fast but at the same time follow the best health tips so that they can feel the real benefits of this Holy Month.
Best Healthy Tips For Ramzan
Ramzan brings with itself various chances for us to pray, bow before Allah and ask for His mercy. A person can only be fit enough for keeping the fasts if he follows some basic health tips. In other case, he would face various health problems such as vomiting, headache, belly pain or even acidity. But not to worry, my following easy and quick diet tips would help you make your month’s diet plan awesome.
1. Do not eat too much. Instead try to eat light and always prefer the fruits and vegetables. Usually all of us are habitual of eating parathas and other heavy diets during Sehri. All this can seriously damage you stomach. So, practice to eat light and health and of course keep an eye on your liquid diets as well. Drink cold milk instead of hot tea.
2. The people usually do not care much about walking during their fast throughout the day. It results in laziness and fatness of their bodies. So, do walk after both Sehri & Aftari. Do not let your body be lazy during the day instead try to keep yourself active and fit.
3. Avoid anti-antibiotics during Sehri and Aftari. I have personally observed that some people take tablets to get rid of headache during Sehri time. This is really harmful step. Don’t take antibiotics for the disease which you just have hint to be arose but it has not yet appeared. Such things can damage your body and digestive system.
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