Natural Home-Made Remedies for Stretch Marks

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If you have sudden increase or decrease of weight , then you might come to face this problem of stretch marks, if you have an increase in weight then you will see fine lines are formed on your body, these are called stretch marks. During the teenage time, stretch mark is a very common problem that is face by many boys and girls. There are many reasons that can cause stretch marks to appear like change in your physical condition and rapid weight gain or loss. We have enlisted few home made remedies that can prove effective against these stretch marks.
Natural Home-Made Remedies for Stretch Marks
1) Take Lavender oil and apply on stretch marks at least three times a day. Regular use of this natural remedy will fade stretch marks.
2) Apply vitamin K cream on your stretch marks and try to add meal that contains vitamin K in your regular diet. This dual Vitamin K intake will prove very handy against stretch marks.
3) Try to eat healthy amount of seeds and nuts that contain zinc. This will protect your skin against stretch marks.
4) Use apricot scrub on stretch marks, it will fade up stretch marks very quickly.
5) Try to use Vaseline intensive care lotion during pregnancy; this will help your skin against stretch marks.
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