Get Pink Lips Naturally With These Remedies

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Here are my remedies to turn dark or dull lips into pink lips naturally.
Get Pink Lips Naturally With These Remedies
Remedies For Natural Pink Lips :
1) Rose petals powder can turn your lips into natural pink shade. Rose petals powder can be obtained by crushing rose petals.
2) Mix honey, sugar and coconut oil to create natural lips scrub. Rub this scrub to your lips for few minutes and after that clean your lips and apply some moisturizer on your lips.
3) Eat fresh fruits and veggies like cucumber, tomatoes and water melon.
4) Drink as much water as you can. Water can be beneficial for skin and lips.
5) Make pomegranate seeds paste and apply in on your lips. After few minutes clean your lips. Its a quick hack for natural pink lips.
6) Use coconut oil, coco butter, or olive oil as a natural lip moisturizer.
7) Use beetroot juice to stain your lips a bright red.
8) Made Honey and Raspberry paste and apply that on your lips. It will help you to get pink lips naturally.
9) Use Turmeric ( haldi ) and Milk to remove discoloration from your lips. Its a remedy used by Asian People since ages.
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