Shaukat Khanum Funds Must Be Investigated

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Imran Khan Foundation (IKF) is replete with mismanagement, corruption, and obscure transactions. It’s habit of Imran Khan to hurl allegations at others and to portray himself as a biblical angel. Imran Khan’s involvement in betting, off-shore companies, dodgy investments, anonymous property holdings are well known to everybody. A mere Cricketer, who retired in early 90’s when there was virtually no money in the game. How come Imran Khan owns the Bani Gala Palace and what is his source of income? How does he manages his palatial expenditures and princely lifestyle?
Shaukat Khanum Funds Must Be Investigated
By just brow-beating anybody who asks questions about embezzlement in IKF and Shaukat Khanum funds wouldn’t really cut it anymore. It is evident that Imran Khan only understands his own language. He threatened to stage sit-in in front of Nawaz Sharif’s residence and his threat was neutralized within hours as PMLN staged a 2 hour sit-in in front of his girlfried Jemima’s house. Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum, his IKF, his Bani Gala property, his Zaman Park assets and other things must be probed. His illegitimate daughter should also be questioned about what happened between Sita White and Imran Khan. Reham Khan should also be brought in front of the inquiry committee. Imran Khan is no angel and its about time it’s proved.
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