Imran Jemima Staying Together in Kolkata

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While Reham Khan these days is busy in dishing out interviews and beepers to the Indian media, Imran Khan himself has flown to Kolkata to watch the India Pakistan T20 world cup match. He will be joined by his girlfriend Jemima who is also bringing Imran’s sons with her. Not sure if Imran’s illicit daughter Tyrian Khan will be coming or not. Imran Khan has already reached the hotel in Kolkata whereas media reports in India that Jemima is also staying in same hotel and has already book the luxury suite on the same floor just near by the Khan.
Imran Jemima Staying Together in Kolkata
Some gossip mongers are speculating that it might be the reunion for both. Both have grown old and with lot less chances to date young so it might be best to get back together. Imran Khan has been criticizing his political rivals for having business links with Indian. But the way Imran Khan has  been socializing in India this time is an eye opener. He is attending dance balls, dinners, TV programs, private ceremonies and lots more. One wonders why these double standards? Imran Khan has also taken an entourage of his personal servants like Aon Chaudhry. Aon is the guy who used to rub ‘Kaali Daal’ on Imran Khan to get rid of evil spirits. This time may be Imran would lend Aon to Pakistani team for daal rubbing as a good omen.
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