Zika Virus in Pakistan – What to Know About

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World these days in the grip of Zika Virus fear. It is spreading fast across the globe though still Asia is relatively free of it. Authorities in different countries are scrambling to their feet as this virus poses a major threat to the masses. Mostly this virus is still limited to South American countries. Some people say that its too far away and very unlikely or impossible to reach Pakistan but then same people were also pretty relaxed about Dengue fever and termed it disease of tropical Asia. In this global short world, anything can reach anywhere.
Zika Virus in Pakistan – What to Know About
So what is Zika Virus? In pretty simple terms, the Zika is an infection linked to thousands of birth defects in Brazil that is spreading through Latin America and the Caribbean countries by mosquitoes. Lucikly, Pakistan is so far away and the transmitting mosquito doesn’t exist in Pakistan. But we need to be careful. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also worried and have issued cautions. Who has said that the virus, linked to severe birth defects in Brazil, has been spreading rapidly in the Americas and could infect 4 million people. Now that is pretty big. WHO has launched a global response unit to fight the mosquito-borne virus, which is spreading rapidly in Latin America and could reach other places. So we need to be careful about it and keep the places clean.
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