Difference Between PSL and MCL

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By funding extremism in Pakistan, UAE is basking in Cricket glory these days as Pakistan is forced to use their venues for their T20 league and other international matches. It pains us a lot to see that we cannot play Cricket in our country just because some lunatics would strike at the game. If it would be up to me, I would never choose UAE as an alternate venue. I would go to Sri Lanka or  Malaysia. Anyway, we are hapless people and rely on the remittances from those gulf states for now. As we start PSL, UAE starts MCL. As with everything else, these Emiratis don’t have any team of their own. By throwing ugly money around in bags, they have gathered retired players from around the world and holding this tournaments. They are offering such large sums that many players from Pakistan and other countries have taken early retirement and have joined this league. 
Difference Between PSL and MCL
Shine of money has enabled MCL to gather some big names like Adam Gilchrist, Sehwag, Sangakarra, and various others. Eventually its all about the money. Both PSL and MCL are approved by the ICC but difference between PSL and MCL is that MCL is only for the retired players. Workers from cricket-obsessed India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka constitute about half the UAE’s population and they will be the major audience for these matches. Both leagues are trying to get their money by selling them tickets. ight now PSL’s worth is more than the MCL. MCL sold six franchises for $15 million each and he PSL’s five franchises sold for $93 million. Both will be adding more franchises in the future. It’s a long term prospects which both are eyeing as both intends to go on for many years.
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