Imran Khan And Reham Khan Divorce on the Cards

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Reham Khan has silently left for London where she would be meeting with Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima Khan to stop her from keeping any link with former cricketer-turned-politician. She has gone to London without even informing Imran, who is furious on this move of his wife. Things turned sour between Imran and Reham when Reham publicly told some PTI female workers and girl fans of Imran Khan to stop fawning on him and this won’t happen while she is around. Now Imran Khan is accustomed to such fan following and extreme affection from girls that he was not happy at all. It was early on in the marriage so he overlooked it. Then Reham Khan started making a Pashto movie and PTI leaders told Imran Khan that it won’t be seen nicely in the conservative constituency of KPK where PTI is ruling, and already facing issues.
Imran Khan And Reham Khan Divorce on the Cards
PTI lost NA-19 seat from KPK where Reham campaigned. Imran also felt that Reham is trying to be over-ambitious and even trying to surpass him as leader. He can tolerate Reham’s tango dancing with the foreigners but he cannot tolerate anyone else taking his place in PTI. Reham Khan is not the kind of lady who would sit at home and wait for her husband. She spent 15 years with her former husband, who also said that Reham was very ambitious. Imran Khan’s sisters were never happy with the Imran’s choice of new wife. They knew it won’t jell. The whole family of Imran Khan in Mianwali have boycotted Reham and have never met her in person and don’t visit their Bani Gala house. Both Imran and Reham have irreconcilable differences and their wedding may very soon collapse without much hubbub.
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