Reham Khan Fake Degree Scandal

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The past of Reham Khan isn’t just short skirts, dance, partying and having fun time but also it seems she has sharpened her hands on obtaining shady degrees. Daily Mail of England has been asking some question from the Imran Khan’s wife now. On her personal site and also in numerous TV programs, Reham Khan the hot wife of Pakistani former cricketer Imran Khan, has claimed that she got the job in BBC as a journalist after showing that she started post graduate course in Broadcast Journalism at North Lindsay College’, in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. But, and here comes the clincher, the North Lindsay official say that there never had been any such course which Reham is mentioning and they have no record of any student with the name of Reham Khan or even of that age and they even don’t offer any course in journalism. Go figure.
Reham Khan Fake Degree Scandal
Shoaib Shaikh of Axact must be laughing rolling over the floor. And so will be the Dr. Babar Awan, now lawyer of Imran Khan, who is proud owner of a fake degree from a non-existent university. PTI is full of fake degree holders such people like Ghulam Sarwar Khan of Taxila, Murad Saeed and host of others. With her charms and tales of victimization, Reham has caught the Niazi fish.Reham has been telling him that she was got beaten severely by her former husband, 54-year-old NHS psychiatrist Dr Ijaz Rehman. But doctor has denied those allegations as baseless. Their families have also denied this and there is no record of any violence. Well, we are sure that now Reham will come up with some bizarre excuse and it will be another lies like 35 punctures.
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