Unnatural Marriage is Sin

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Same or unnatural Marriage is a Sin. But why this is a sin? Pleasure one gets in an intimate and special relationship is the pleasant reward of nature for performing the sacred duty of transferring genes which sustains the progression of human species through mating of male and female. Nature is abundantly stored with such blessings to reward the true functionaries who meet the demand in nature. The Pleasure one gets during that special relationship is like sweet nectar that bee gets as reward for transferring of the pollen from the flowers to the stigma of plants and trees. It is the sole secret in the nature that this process enables the trees to bear fruits and little bees and species in nature are pressed in duty to perform this task. Where bee are adored by the colourful sweet smelling flowers and enjoy the delights of ambrosial nectar; the caterpillars on the other hand, eats up the entire plant leaves and destroys even the flowers in order to satiate hunger and thirst.
Unnatural Marriage is Sin
It also leaves the traces of bad disgusting smells. Like the assailant caterpillar, people indulging in unnatural marriage go against the divinely design plan in the nature. Unnatural seduction is perversion and a sin to misuse the human body stimulus organs for pleasure. They wilfully go against the nature in a sense that their act simply aims at pleasure in relationship without performing the sacred duty of transferring genes required for the progression of human life on the planet. This planet is also witness of the fact that previously, in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah; people of Prophet Lot were completely destroyed and buried alive for their grievous sin of h@mos@xuality. The Holy Book of Bible Chapter 18-19 of Genesis, is full of that story. Like people of Prophet LOT, people in US may be relishing the winning of their constitutional Right of unnatural marriages in all the 50 states…. But sure soon they may also find that wrath of God Almighty may also be drawing near. God is sure quick at reckoning. Quran is full of such stories of transgressors and warns the believers that why people do not go about and see the remnants of earlier people that how they were destroyed for their sins and transgressions.
Quran Surah al-Anam (6:6) says “See they not how many a generation We have destroyed before them? We had established them in the earth as We have established you not, and We sent the clouds over them, pouring down abundant rain; and We caused streams to flow beneath them; then did We destroy them because of their sins and raised up after them another generation”. Quran Al araf (7:4) “How many a town have We destroyed! And Our punishment came upon it by night or while they slept at noon”. Quran Yunas (10:13) “And We destroyed the generations before you when they did wrong; and there came to them their Messengers with clear Signs, but they would not believe. Thus do We requite the guilty people”. Quran Taha (20128) “Does it not afford guidance to them how many generations We destroyed before them, in whose dwellings they now walk? Therein verily are Signs for those who are endued with reason.” Quran Hud (11:82)”So when Our command came, We turned that town (S<>dom and G<>morrah) upside down and We rained upon it stones of clay, layer upon layer. (11:83) Marked for them in the decree of thy Lord. And such punishment is not far from the wrongdoers of the present age.” May God save us from this Sin.
Blog post Written by A Khokar and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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