Why Malik Riaz is Developing Karachi?

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Why not Sindh government or federal government is doing the development in Karachi like building road infrastructure, transport provision, university establishment and so on? Why a land-grabber turned business tycoon is emerging out as the messiah for the metropolis?
Why Malik Riaz is Developing Karachi?
So far Malik Riaz, the chairman of Bahria Town has announced following projects in Karachi and Hyderabad:
  • Altaf Hussain University
  • 54km Expressway in Karachi
  • Hundreds of buses for public transport
  • Seven Star Hotel in Karachi
  • Biggest mosque of world in Karachi
  • Highest tower of Pakistan in Karachi
  • Continuous relief work in Tharparker
  • Bahria Towns in Karachi and Hyderabad
  • and the list is growing by the week.
It seems that Malik Riaz has taken over the Sindh and especially Karachi. Everybody knows that he is a fast friend of PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and these days it seems that Malik Riaz has become de facto chief minister of Sindh and calling all the shots. Malik Riaz is literally spending billion of rupees in Karachi on different projects. One wonders why. He is no philanthropist we all know, though he has lately acquired a new persona of an angel. He has kind of run away from Pindi / Islamabad area, his home ground, as Chaudhry Nisar became interior minister and both have no love lost between them. Karachi is the most lawless city of Pakistan and if you are buddy with MQM and PPP over there, you can do whatever you want under the sun. So Malik Riaz has found a perfect paradise for himself over there and flourishing. He, as usual, is keeping his friends of MQM and PPP happy and satisfied.
Blog post Written by Salman Mugsi and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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