A transformer collapses due to the excessive weight of wooden planks at the Mauripur Sunday Market

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Due to the excessive bulking of wooden planks near the transformer and incompetence and carelessness of the Water Board authorities and the wood supplier have cost the lives of two men. K-Electric in its press statement sends condolences to the families of the two individuals who have lost their lives in this tragic incident.  K-Electric further clarifies that, Pole# 78/1 Kwsb Pump Pmt# 1 200 KVA, was appointed to the Water Board in Mauripur Sunday market. After assessing the cause of the incident, we came to the conclusion that the wooden planks were stacked up to 8 feet high, and as they slid, the transformer couldn’t bare the excessive weight of the planks and collapsed. It is due to lack of attention from the Water Board authorities as well as the negligence of the wood supplier that has caused such a tragic incident, costing the lives of a vegetable vendor and his customer. KE suggests it is pivotal for water board and other responsible authorities to take steps in preventing and mitigating such incidents in the future.
A transformer collapses due to the excessive weight of wooden planks at the Mauripur Sunday Market
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