The Best Skin Care Routine for Your Age

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The important thing in taking care of your skin is to keep in mind, what works for other does not mean it has to work for you. Or what worked for you when you were young, should work for you even after a decade. Many people believe that what has worked for us in our young age will work perfectly well for us even when we are old, or are on the verge of getting old. So, we decided today to write this beautys article on the best skin care routine for your age. There are basically two types of people, one who are consistent in their routine and do not change a thing over time, and one who can stick to one thing and change their routine every now and then. Both of these ways are wrong. But don’t worry. Once you are done reading this article you will be able to find the middle way.
The Best Skin Care Routine for Your Age
In you 20′s
In-case you are in your 20′s, the basic problem which you would be facing is acne and some discoloration due to the sun. And for this the most important thing is to keep you skin protected with the help of a sunscreen. And you should not only protect your face but also your neck, arms or whatever area is uncovered.
Following are steps for the best skin care routine for your age :
Step 1: Use a cleaner to remove your makeup but make sure the cleanser does not dry your skin. 
Step 2: Apply a light moisturizer daily, which also works as a sun block and provides protection agains UVA and UVB rays. You should buy those product which contain zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or mexoryl. 
Step 3: In case of mild breakouts use a spot treatment containing salicylic acid or benzoul peroxide.  
Step 4: In case you party out all night, or stay up all night apply night cream which has Vitamin C in it. 
Step 5: At night, choose a basic light moisturizer if you need it
In your 30′s
The basic problems which you will be facing are discoloration due to sun damages or melasma and at this point you need to start exfoliating regularly because skin only exfoliates naturally every 35 days as opposed to every 14 in your 20′s.
Following are the steps for the best skin care routine for your age :
Step 1: In-case you used foaming and drying cleaner in your 20′s its time you shift to non-drying and non foaming cleaner. 
Step 2: Apply an antioxidant-rich moisturizer before you apply your sunscreen. 
Step 3: Add a retinoid to your regimen to help improve the overall texture and tone of your skin.
Step 4: If your skin feels like it needs additional moisture after applying a retinoid, use a basic hydrating cream that doesn’t contain additional Retino. 
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