IT Industry Paving way for a Better Future of Pakistan

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Pakistan can boost its success in many sectors with the help of emerging internet-based social media. This somewhat new medium has made it possible for all of us to communicate with anyone from around the world without the constraints of time zone or geographical parameters. Social media has awaken the hybrid ability of people to affect and get affected by their peers on all relevant discourses. At the same time, it has enabled companies, brands and entrepreneurs to reach out to their customers in a non-traditional manner and measure their feedback by further permitting customers to talk to them. These customers made through online social mediums spread the word about the vendors’ service, which does sometime go viral. Social media is not just Facebook or Twitter but a whole lot of medium that offers people an interesting range of ways for general and sometime more elaborated interaction. YouTube and Flickr are fine examples of social media that deal with Entertainment sharing websites. User-sponsored blogs like The Unofficial Apple Web blog and Company-sponsored websites such P&G’s Vocal point are all examples of how creative today’s social media has become.
IT Industry Paving way for a Better Future of Pakistan
Many people have this notion in mind that most of the social networking sites are meant for fun and recreation purpose, which is not entirely true. LinkedIn is an apt example of a Business networking website, Wikipedia has moved the world by becoming a prime common source of information and EBay and have established a significant repute in Industry of Commerce. With increased internet reliance at global level, IT industry in Pakistan has evolved accordingly. Human beings seek comfort in all walks of life and although social media has eased our lives, we need more from the technology, which has so far not disappointed us. The world has made significant progress in IT industry. The transition from desktop computers to smart phones, show the amount of progress mankind has made. Along with smart phones, an infinite bank of mobile phone applications (apps), the tech evolution has literally been mind-blowing.
While comparing traditional communication system with new communication means, you will notice a paradigm shift. Marketing managers have now recognized the power of discussions carried out by consumers on social media because these interactions have directly or indirectly been marketing certain brands at a larger scale. This global advertisement has given birth to mobile apps that brings these brands to our doorsteps.  These apps not only allow easy access of product to costumers but also let customer rate it. Consumers are more likely to interact with the mobile apps of the brands they use as it matters more for them when their feedback can make a change. The Markhor is a Pakistani app meant for the fashion conscious. This app has made footwear shopping easier for people, who are in a rat race for success and can barely make time for their personal affairs, let alone spend hours deciding the best clothes and shoes for themselves. With this app, they can select the pair of shoes based on their choice and pay on delivery. The company would return the product if the consumer is dissatisfied. Same is the case with food. EatOye is another great new mobile app that gives you the option to order food online in Pakistan. Be it ordering food or making a reservation, just click on the app, select the type of food, check for its price and in case of food delivery, make the payment on delivery.
If you wish to eat at the restaurant instead make a booking for up to 30 people without paying a dime. You can cancel or reschedule it accordingly. The ease these mobile apps have brought to our life has revolutionized digital marketing. Be it buying a hat or a house, everything is in your palm, waiting for one slight touch of your fingertip. The mobile app of has made selling, buying and renting property a very convenient proposition in Pakistan. The website has property listings for residential and commercial property from all over the country and consumers, local or foreign can browse and contact the concerned person for the property directly via the app. A number of apps designed by IT developers of Pakistan have now allowed us to carry out our favorite online activities despite our location. Now we barely need search engines like Google to tell us what is trendy and where can we get it from. Most of the mobile apps are designed to offer assistance to those who are overworked and desire to relax even with a few strong responsibilities that they cannot shake off. Social and digital marketing have lately become the best way to market business. Pakistan IT industry is emerging at a fast pace but there is a lot that can be done in this regard. With a whole lot of very talented and headfast developers serving the IT sector of Pakistan, we should be ready for all sorts of pleasant surprises.
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