Tips For Beautiful Cheek-Bones Makeup

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Whenever we see our favorite celebrities and models on television or magazines the first thing that we notice before their clothes, accessories and hairstyles is their makeup that makes them looks gorgeous and attractive.  A good makeup is really important for women because the first thing that people will notice in you is your face, and your face will give the charm to your overall attire. If you are wearing good clothes, your hairstyle is beautiful but you have done a makeup like an amateur the whole impression will go down. Day before yesterday we bought the beauty tips for our female readers on how to have those beautiful, attractive dramatic Smokey eyes makeup, today we will be telling you how to get perfectly highlighted bronzed cheeks that will prominent your cheekbones aka beauty bones of face just like the cheeks of our favorite model or celebrity. Highlighting cheek area is something that we always want; it enhances the overall face cut. Go through the following steps to get beautiful cheek makeup.
Tips For Beautiful Cheek-Bones Makeup
Go for the right shades: Here we are particularly talking about beautiful bronzed shade that is golden-brown color that will give the beautiful radiant look to your cheek bones and face. It is very important to select right shade of bronzer; you don’t need too golden, too pale or too orange, so when you purchase the shade makes sure that it is the right shade by testing it on hands or cheeks.
Opt for correct formula: select the type of blush according to your skin type. If you have oily skin then go for blush-on that is available in powder form and if you have dry skin then a mousse or liquid blush-on will be appropriate.
It’s all about right color: don’t be too excited or playful with the colors. You want a decent brown shade, no orange, not too golden; I hope you don’t want to end up looking like a clown so pick up the shade very carefully.
Easy on glitter: well applying glitter depends on the time for which you are getting ready. Mix a matte bronzer with a shimmery one if you are getting ready for an office or some day time event.
Circular Motion: Apply bronzer in a circular motion to blend the shade properly and for even distribution.
Big Brush does magic: To distribute the shade evenly, go for the big brush. When you are done with face makeup, go through the whole face with the same big brush for a final touch.
Perfect highlighter: highlighter is vital for brow-bones, cheek-bones and front of the nose. Get a small brush, dab it and apply a highlighter to your cheek-bones, while applying highlighter sucking in your cheeks just like a fish, then apply it to your brow bones, brow bone is located below the eyebrows and lastly on the front of your nose. If you are getting ready for a day time event, avoid highlighter and go for shimmer, it will give more delicate day look.
Go mineral: Opt for the mineral based makeup as it is more suitable for the old skin, it flawlessly covers the wrinkles and it is permeable, that is it will allow your skin to breathe.
Go light: if you have naturally pale or light complexion, then avoid putting on so much bronzer. Nothing looks more beautiful and pleasing than the natural looking makeup. Apply a light pink or brown bronzer on your cheeks and jaw line and finally dust it on a final layer of blush.
Blend it: for a brighter a beautiful looks, blend your bronzer with blush, it will give wonderful combination of tanned colors. Avoid using powder blush with liquid bronzer; the formula of both cosmetic products must be the same.
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