Democracy Begging For Mercy

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Desperate Imran Khan and Stake-less Tahir ul Qadri can go to any length in this situation as they have already lost the moral edge, which Qadri obtained after Model Town tragedy and Imran obtained through his electoral reforms demands. This is the time when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can chip in and directly access both Qadri and Imran. Imran and Qadri have no option after they closed down every avenue for face saving for themselves in the hope that umpire will raise the finger. Umpires huddled last evening, but didn’t raise the finger. Before that PTI President Javed Hashmi exposed the nexus between umpires and Imran-Qadru duo. Nawaz Sharif has nothing to loose by contacting Imran and Qadri directly by even going to their containers.
Democracy Begging For Mercy
Where it will do Nawaz a great deal of political good, it would also provide Imran and Qadri a great chance to gracefully back-off from their extreme positions and get what they are being offered. Nawaz Sharif and his aides are willing to go to Imran anytime, but they are very much apprehensive about going to Qadri. Qadri is most likely to do his usual theatrics by trying to publicly embarrass Nawaz Sharif in front of his violent protesters. He is for sure to say, ‘Raise Your Hand, do this, do that, say this , say that.’ Even alienating Qadri from Imran would be a good achievements. Miscreants of PTI and PAT, with PAT in more numbers is getting violent by the time. They are now throwing petrol bombs, and attacking vehicles of media and judges. Some have even tried to break-in into the houses of residents living in nearby sectors. Its hard to put sense in both Imran and Qadri, but Nawaz should personally make this last ditch effort, though I am not that hopeful given the rhetoric, arrogance and aloofness of both TuQ and Imran Khan. If democracy survives this tumultuous time, there will be time for introspection for Nawaz.
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