Are PTI and PPP Coming Together?

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All of those of you, who are seeking an alliance between PTI and PPP against the PML-N and hoping that PPP would join the long march of PTI on 14th August towards Islamabad may be disappointed as that might not happen. PTI is not retreating from its long march, though their charter of demands is changing on daily basis. So will PPP join PTI? That is a big question. Because even a a short statement from PPP chairman Asif Ali Zardari sent shivers through the PML-N and they seemed terrorized. Zardari is angry because Nawaz Sharif is trying to take control of Karachi operation in his hands because Qaim Ali Shah is going nowhere with it. Zardari is angry because Nawaz announced couple of development projects in Karachi like Green Line Metro Bus and the water supply. Zardari takes these steps as PML-N bid to take their place. That is why he gave a feeler to the Nawaz by supporting PTI demand of four constituencies.
Are PTI and PPP Coming Together?
No matter how weak and unpopular PPP is it still carries lots of wait. If PTI and PPP come together, PMLN government would crumble and topple before even beginning of the long march. But is that going to happen? Zardari is just playing cat and mouse with Nawaz just like Nawaz did during Memogate and restoration of the judiciary. Nawaz had PPP by throat but he never let them fall down. Zardari is giving them the same medicine. Zardari cannot afford to let PMLN fall, because if PMLN goes down, PPP doesnt get anything, and they would also loose Karachi. Imran Khan now is asking for whole audit of election last year. He is also demanding resignations of PM, CM Punjab, Abid Sher Ali, Saad Rafique, Pervaiz Rashid, Ishaq Dar and Khawaja Asif. In other words, he just wants to see whole government resigned. His intentions are pretty clear. He wants to topple the government. In the mysterious way, Tahir ul Qadri has grown quiet regarding his date of revolution and the way Qadri is giving way to Imran shows that there is somebody who is managing this whole agitation, controlling and directing the actors. There is rumor in Islamabad that retirement of one big angel is drawing near and that angel obviously doesn’t want to retire and needs an extension. Just give that extension and things will cool down like a light breeze within hours.
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