How To Reshape Your Face With Powder

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It is said that a beautiful face is that which has an oval shape and symmetrical proportions. There are many who have these shape innately, but other, people who are not that blessed, can still have these shapes with help of powder. Makeup is all art, the better you are in it the more beautiful you can make your self. In today’s beauty article we will tell you how to reshape your face with powder. Powder is not only used for covering the disinformation of your face, i.e. small scars or acne it is also shaped to reshape your face. The important question here is  how is it used ? Makeup can help you cover all most every flaw. 
How To Reshape Your Face With Powder
Following are the tips on how to reshape your face with powder :
Square Face
If you have a square face you start with applying a face powder 1 or 2 tones darker then your natural complexion, you do this before you have done anything else. Make sure that you apply this powder with a help of large powder brush.  Why we do this ? we do this because a square face has a large and board forehead and chin line. Start applying darker face powder from the temple with strokes in the direction of the chin line.  Then cover the center of the forehead. Finally dab some over the chin and the area around the eyes
Round Face
Now we come to round face, these faces are full rounded sides , a short and broad forehead with a round chin. How to reshape your face with powder ? Its easy start with applying powder at your temples with short downwards strokes extending to the middle of cheek. All the while covering the tips of your nose and chin and also the area under your eyes.
Pear Shaped Face
A pear shaped face has a broad jaw line and chin, while the forehead is small and narrow. Apply the darker powder along the jaw line, also in the middle of the forehead and the tip of the chin.
Heart Shape Face
This is a face which has a small, narrow chin, a broad forehead and rounded cheekbones. Apply darker powder from temples to cheekbones and continue covering the face with a lighter tone.
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