Nandipur Power Project ; Yes We Can Do It

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The record completion of Nandipur Power Project within just seven months from scratch to the first running and humming turbine proves that we Pakistanis are one of the most hardworking and technically astute nation on the face of planet. We are no less than the efficient South Koreans, meticulous Japanese, and knowledgeable Americans. In these circumstances, with almost no budget and with such a crisis of power shortage looming amidst the terrorism and raging opposition, it’s a miracle that Pakistani engineers accomplished that feat. They worked day in and day out. 24 * 7 shifts were run. From officers to the staff, everyone was very determined from the start and they did it. Their motivation and determination was exemplary. By the end of this year, they would start producing 425 MW.
Nandipur Power Project ; Yes We Can Do It
A little touch of history here too. This Nandipur Project was literally dead. In previous PPP era, the then minister Dr. (fake) Babar Awan didn’t let the machinery of Nandipur Power Project leave the Karachi port because he wanted his kickback. The machinery remained there for 2 years getting rusty. The cost almost tripled. Nobody believed that now this project would ever complete. This new government resurrected it from the ashes. Shahbaz Sharif, the real falcon, brought in the machinery, pleaded with Chinese, motivated Pakistani engineers and together they created a new engineering wonder in shortest record time. This is a great Pakistani success story.
We must also thank our Chinese friends, who are fighting with us against this shortage hand in hand. They have really helped us a lot with their manpower, technology, and finances. China has been of great help in this regard. The Chinese leadership has been very supportive in resolving the power crisis in Pakistan. China has helped us set up these plants in Karachi, Northern Areas, Diamer-Bhasha and Dasu Dams, Gadani, Sahiwal, Faisalabad and also helped us in hydel power generation. We are very grateful to them. Let’s follow the example of Nandipur Power Project and build Pakistan in record time.
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