Mufti Naeem Versus Pervaiz Rasheed

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Modarba scandal is a vivid example as how people can be easily fooled in the name of religion in Pakistan. Even the educated and so-called liberal people can be cajoled in investing or giving away money if religion is used systematically and with tall words especially by quoting the Hadith or Quran. That is what happened with hundreds of thousands of people who became victim by investing in an illegal investment venture operated by Mufti Ehsanullah of Rawalpindi. These unfortunate investors were told that they will get benefits both in this world and hereafter. And that was enough for many to just blindly deposit the cash without second thoughts. They got shocker of their lives when the fund manager vanished in thin air and National accountability Bureau started investigation into this sham investment venture. Initially many people raised their suspicions but they were brow beaten.
Mufti Naeem Versus Pervaiz Rasheed
Then a formal complaint was registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and only after that people started realizing that they had lost their life long earnings and savings. People say that the Mufti Naeem was also involved in giving some sort of legitimacy to this Mufti Scandal. Also Mufti Naeem has been fanning the sectarian hatred in the Karachi and he has been outspoken in favor of anti-social elements throughout the country. Now as the government’s information miniter Pervaiz Rasheed speaks out the truth that Madaris, almost all of them are responsible for extremism in some way or another; the truth has bitterly struck the likes of Mufti Naeem who as usual are calling Pervaiz heretic. Pervaiz Rasheed should now fear for his life because there are many religious fanatics out there who would take this very seriously. That is the unfortunate thing in Pakistan and we have seen that many have already become victim of that including Salman Taseer and Sabeen Mehmud.
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