Is democracy unIslamic?

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It was afternoon, 12 Rabi ul Awal 11 AH that heart breaking event of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) passing away was announced in his holy hujra mubarak. The announcement was so tragic that many Sahaba Kiram (RA) of very high status were overwhelmed thereby. It was Hazrat Abu Bakkar Sidique (RA), who managed the situation very soberly and gracefully. And he therefore succeeded in restoring the scattered hearts and minds of the Ahl e Bet and Sahaba Kiram (RA). All this was going on that in the meanwhile he (RA) was informed about the gathering in Saqifa Bani Saida, where hot debate was under way about the succession. Feeling the gravity of the time and situation Hazrat Abu Bakkar Sidique (RA) went there along with Omar Farooq Obaida Bin Jarah. He (RA) controlled the situation gracefully and delivered a speech in brief, so as to focus on the critical factor of time and to remind the spirit of Islam.
Is democracy unIslamic?
Feeling it crucial, he (RA) out rightly presented two names; Omar Farooq (RA) and Obaida Bin Jarah (RA) before the gathering to chose one of them for the highest responsibility of Khilafat. But on the other hand, Hazrat Omar (RA) upon this without loosing any moment took the floor forthwith and brought forth Hazrat Abu Bakkar (RA) before the gathering and said, “none among the Sahaba Kiram (RA) could match Hazrat Abu Bakkar (RA) in all round suitability keeping in view his track record, for the responsibility”. Having said that first he himself carried out  the bia’at, which was followed by the present Sahaba Kiram (RA) without hesitation. And this way the bia’at was continued tomorrow openly by other Sahaba Kiram (RA) in Masjid Nabawi and so this way the first Ameerul Mu’mineen assumed the high office of Khilafat. After accomplishing the most crucial and historical tasks of the time, when he (RA) confined to death bed he (RA) announced the name of Hazrat Omar Farooq (RA) as his successor and so transfer of power was again carried out smoothly at his sad demise and thus Hazrat Omar (RA) assumed the grand office of Khilafat as 2nd Ameer ul Mu’mineen.
After the fatal assault on Hazrat Omar (RA) though he survived for some days but due the gravity of the injures his condition was looking not stable, so on consultation with Shahaba Kiram (RA) he announced six names; Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Usman, Hazrat Zubair, Hazrat Talha and Hazrat Saad, Hazrat Abdur Rahman (RA) and directed Hazrat Miqrad (RA) that on his martyrdom and completion of funeral ceremony one out of them be chosen as Khalifa and in case of no consensus, one with majority opinions shall be ordered as Ameerul Mu’mineen. So, on passing way of Hazrat Omar (RA), and after completion of his (RA) burial, Hazrat Miqrad (RA) did so accordingly and upon withdrawal of Hazrat Zubair, Hazrat Abdur Rahman, Hazrat Talha, both Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Usman delegated the right to Hazrat Abdur Rahman to chose one as Khalifa between them. And he (RA) did so openly in presence of Sahaba Kiram (RA) in Masjid Nabawai by chosing Hazrat Usman (RA) as Ameer ul Mu’minern.
He (RA) first himself did the bia’at, followed by Hazrat Ali and thereafter all the Sahaba Kiram (RA), who were present also performed the bia’at one by one and so Hazrat Usman (RA) assumed the office as third Khalifa. All the worst happened when the third Khalifa, Hazrat Usman Bin Uffan was martyred on Friday, 18 Zee ul hajj 35 AH in his house along with injuring his wife Hazrat Naila (RA) by a well woven criminal mob, as a result of a very deep-rooted conspiracy having been hatched in the life time of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) against the Islamic State and emerged as evil axis in tenure of Hazrat Usman (RA), nakedly. This vicious criminal intriguing gang, comprised Abdullah bin Saba, a Jewish hypocrite, some hypocrite Persian zoroastrians and some hypocrite christians was instrumental in almost all the setbacks inflicted to the Islamic State. The most horrible and deepest cut in the faith and body of the Muslim Ummah as Shiites and Sunnites was also the brainchild of this gang!
Is democracy unIslamic?
The occurrence of martyrdom of Hazrat Usman (RA) in the circumstances was not something to have been ignored or forgotten. The whole Ummah was in shock. Anyhow after remaining the Grand Portfolio of Islamic Khilafat of being without Ameer Mu’mineen, a number of Sahaba Kiram succeeded to make Hazrat Ali (RA) agreed for holding the grand portfolio of Khilfat. I am not supposed to tell you our checkered history, I was to bring the grand scholars at this juncture to meet my questions and try to travel together for the search of the answer. My first question is, whether any mandatory or explicit procedure for electing or selecting any Muslim as head of Muslim State has been prescribed in the Holy Qur’an or Sunnah? I think the answer is admittedly in negative. My 2nd question is, by any stretch of imagination can we produce the personas of the caliber of Sahaba Kiram? I think the answer is negative. My third question is, the Divine Reason for non-mentioning any hard and fast rule, was in fact to leave the Muslims enabled to design, evolve or legislate procedure for choosing their leaders according to the emerging situations and circumstances in the light of Holy Qur’an and Sunnah.
I thing the answer is positive. My fourth question is, whether there is any doubt that appointment of Taloot as founder king of Bani Israel was not pronounced by Allah Almighty on merit, who was followed by Hazrat Dawood (AS) and he was followed by his son Suliman (AS) and so on? The answer I think is positive. My fifth question is, whether all the four Grand Imams; Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Ahmad Bin Hamble and Imam Shafie (RA) were not applying the principle of majority (usol e jamhoor) in case of academic dissension? I think the answer is positive. My next question is, whether the precedents of appointing all the four Grand Khulafay-Rashideen do not provide a prototype procedure of election of our leaders? My last question is, whether there is any doubt that the first ship was invented, manufactured and operated by Prophet Noah (AS) under the Divine Instructions? So my next question is, would it be prudent or affordable to reject manufacturing or acquiring of modern day technology of navigation simply on the ground that though Muslim invented ship (Noah’s Ark) but since subsequently it was modernised, systemised and made international by nonMuslims, hence modern navigation would now be taboo for Muslims to acquire? The last but not the least, is there any way-out other than democracy for smooth transfer power?
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