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Saya E Khuda E Zuljalal


Saya-e khuda-e Zuljalal is a film about Pakistan and its heroes. The film deals with the ideals of patriotism and sacrifices that have evolved since the inception of this country up till some decades later. This film celebrates the sacrifices of undying and eternal heroes including not only Aziz Bhatti, MM Alam, Shafqat Baloch and Shabbir Shareef (among dozens of others) but also thousands of Pakistani who bled for this country. The film aims to bring back to life these heroes, their history and bravery on the minds of the audience and make them fall in love with the Pakistani armed forces. This film also talks about relationships, about passion for country, about priorities set right. This film depicts these concepts in symbols, by humanizing them. Each major character represents the journey of this nation, highlighting various facets of the tale, each beautiful in its own right, having not only emotional but physical and psychological consequences for every human being involved. This is not a story about a family, it is a story of a nation, that witnessed both the inception and growth, as well as the downfall of this country. Its the struggle of a nation, represented in the character of Hamza, who longs to sacrifice himself and his son for the love of his country, to be able to contribute to its existence. Its the coming of age tale of the youth, represented by the character of Haider, who is materialistic, puts self before anything else. Its about duty and honour, represented in the character of Faraz, who lives and dies for his country, not flinching when the time comes to lay down his life, in spite leaving a son and wife behind. This tale tells the story of those woman, who raise strong sons, prepared to be led to altar for this country. This tale is a proud recount of the highlights in this nations journey, when strong men took the reins and controlled and protected the fate of millions of countrymen depending upon them. It celebrates the flag, the sacrifice and the anthem.
Starring: Shaan Shahid, Moammar Rana, Javaid Sheikh, more..
Director: Umair Fazli
Language: Urdu
Genre: Action,Drama,History
Release Date: Fri. Aug, 14 2015

Cast Overview

Shaan Shahid
Moammar Rana
Javaid Sheikh
Afzal Khan
Nayyar Ejaz

Crew Overview

Tauseef Razaque Writter
Inam Qadri Writter
Tauseef Razaque Screenplay
Inam Qadri Screenplay
Ijaz Shahid Screenplay
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