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Subject : Sohail Javed responds to Sonya Hussain’s Statement of Still being Part of “Sorry”
Sohail Javed’s upcoming film “Sorry” stayed in news this whole week for not so good reasons. A few days back we updated our readers regarding Sonya quitting the project for some differences on content of the film and also for some dates clash, in the words of the man behind the film, Sohail himself. However confusion again prevailed when Sonya hussyn while speaking to Galaxy Lollywood, declined the news saying “I did not know i had opted out of Sorry. When did it happen”.

On being asked for ‘differences on content’, the most surfaced reason behind her quitting the film, she replied, “I absolutely loved the script of Sorry and Sohail Javed is a dear friend. So, I don’t know where these reports are coming from. I have been here shooting for my next project, and the coverage here is extremely poor. This is primarily the reason I haven’t really been in touch with people and the news came late to me.” We at Pakistani Cinema hence headed back to Sohail to solve the mystery for us to which he refused to comment on Sonya’s statement, he however confirmed again that she is not anymore a part of “Sorry”. Well, from the director’s version it feels like ways are parted between “Sorry” and Sonya.

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Posted on February, 13 2019 04:54:25 AM

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