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Subject : Ufone UN-AUTHORIZE deduction in the name of SMS?
I subscribe sms package 603 of ufone ( which is valid for 14 days and 10,000 sms send to any local net work in Pakistan).

But regret and dis-appointment when yesterday ( Jan 24, 2018 ) I am sending sms to 0336 network in Pakistan than I got sms from ufone that my message can’t delivered, but today ( Jan 25, 2018 ) Rs.2.40 deducted in the name of sms, why this un authorize deduction.

When I enjoy package for 14 days and yet not finished than why ufone deducting un-authorize amount in the name of SMS sending, It is my experience that ufone always remain silent observer and speechless when ever face genuine complain which is their policy or born right who will justify?

In this regard I forward my complain to PTA & SECP so they knew how cell firm making deduction which is totally un-authorize but the question is when this authority will awake and take serious notice to protect the interest of cell user in Pakistan.

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Posted on January, 25 2018 12:30:16 PM

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