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Subject : Why you people not worried life after DEATH being Muslim followers
I want to share my knowledge with all Muslim followers all over the world and awake them from deep sleep what reason they do not focus or worried life after the DEATH as being Muslims followers.

More worried how to become richest in the society, wish for high status, wish to build luxury home, get famous among community and world wide, Eager for their kids to get best education and married in high elite class in the society but never worried the life after death which is remain forever.

I want to share quotes of Hazrat Imam ALI AS

“ hide your good deeds”
“never speak of the good that you do “
“do good and forget it “

One thing every Human being should be remembered forever at God place:

1. Sin never wash out
2. Good Deed never ignore

I want share 3 type of good deed continue you benefits after U die as the Prophet Mohd (peace be upon him) said:

" After the death of a person, his actions stop, except three things that he leaves behind”

First, continuous charity, Second, a knowledge from which some benefit may be obtained, Third, a virtuous son who make dua (pray, supplicate) on his behalf."

In our society it is very common to ignore the middle class and even one have strength and wealth to support or solve other people problems but not sincere to solve their issue for what reason skipping from this good deeds I do not understand. This type of elite class consider the foolish people who loose the opportunity to earn many good deeds but much happy to remain away from to solve these people problems.

How many sleeping Muslim followers will awake from this I have no idea but God give me courage to spread knowledge to all man kind specially Muslims followers did U prepared for final journey ( after dead ) other wise you are consider worst foolish on this earth.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully


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Posted on November, 12 2017 10:27:36 PM

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