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Subject : iPhone X has a 6-Figure Price in Pakistan!

iPhone X is out in international markets and it has created several queues, people waiting for hours and hours just to buy the new Apple flagship! While the phone has reached several stores, it has also reached eCommerce platforms in Pakistan. However, the price it is available at is alarming! While the official price of the iPhone X is $999 (64GB), and $1,149 (256GB), websites like iShopping are selling the 64GB variant for Rs190,000. Is an iPhone worth 2 lacs? On the other hand, HomeShopping is offering the 256 GB version for Rs. 186,000 and the 64 GB version at Rs. 157,000. Whereas, Shophive has gone even is offering 256GB iPhone X for Rs. 200,000 and 64 GB for Rs. 175,000. These are just some of the many websites who are offering the phone in this range. Is the price of the iPhone X actually worth the tag? Are eCommerce platforms charging too much because individuals are more dependent on them with every passing day? This is a concern which should be looked at as easy money for them is not easy money for everyone.

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Posted on November, 09 2017 10:17:57 AM

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