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Subject : 8 Best Places To Try Pasta in Karachi

So, who doesn’t get water in his or her mouth when they hear the word “pasta”? With savory meat and thick ‘n’ spicy sauce, every other person is a huge fan of this dish. Almost every other eatery is offering pasta. Fettuccine pasta, Penne pasta, Manicotti pasta, you name it, and they have it.

So for your ease, we have classified some of the most delicious pasta places in Karachi. Here are the top 8 for you in no particular order.
1. Delfrio’s Fettuccine Alfredo:

Fettuccine pasta, overloaded with thick creamy Alfredo sauce and spicy over-baked chicken breast pieces, rules out every other of its type in taste, quality, and quantity.

2. Butler’s Pasta Au Gratin:

Butler’s oven-baked Penne pasta, oozing with cream and cheese, served with hot and spicy chicken and capsicum is a way to win hearts of thousands. Add sweetness into your life after eating this delicious food with Butler’s tempting desserts like Chocolate Lava Cake.
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3. Sizzlerz’ Chicken Parmesan Pasta:

Penne pasta served with the very delicious Chicken Parmesan is worth trying. Pasta fanatics cannot resist themselves from having this dish whenever they visit this place.

4. Ambrosia’s Seafood Cannelloni:

Ambrosia’s Seafood Cannelloni speaks for itself when it comes to the throne of Best Pasta in K-Town. Cannelloni pasta served with different seafood like fish, crabs, prawns, and summer vegetables, topped with heavy red sauce and cheese gives you a mouth-watering sight and a heavenly bite.
5. Buon Cibo’s Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo:

Famous for its heavy and a delicious serving, Buon Cibo’s Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo has earned a high rank in our list. Thick creamy white sauce and savory chicken with perfect spices make it one of the yummiest pasta dishes in K-town.

6. Xander’s Pasta Alfredo and Fettuccine with Shiitake and Feta:

Xander’s Fettuccine Alfredo pasta tossed with wild mushrooms or shiitake, and topped with melted feta cheese makes this dish “a must-have” in this city. Enjoy the calm, soothing environment of Xander’s with this appetizing food with your loved ones.
7. Vintage Cajun Prawns Spaghetti and Alfredo Pasta:

If you want to go for Pasta but are tired of chicken pasta, this place should be your ultimate stop! Vintage is famous for its Cajun Prawns Spaghetti. Seasoned with Cajun sauce, this dish outshines all others when it comes to the non-chicken variety.

Vintage’s Alfredo Pasta is also worth mentioning in this list as the fettuccine pasta, dipped in a heavy amount of creamy and cheese sauce, swoons the heart of almost all foodies.
8. Cote Rotie’s Linguine with Wild Mushrooms & Truffle Cheese:

Cote Rotie, a newly opened eatery, is now serving one of the best pasta in town. Linguine pasta, topped with wild mushrooms and truffle cheese is worth giving a try. You can also get it made with Fettuccine pasta.

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