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Subject : Power of PATIENCE
I want to share from all Muslim followers do you know what is the power of PIATENCE. Did you ever face patience than how you react, I am quoting what said in Holy Quarn and Hazrat Ali AS if you follow and adopt I realized your many problems will solve inshahallah without getting any influence of others.

Quote in Holy Quarn “ Indeed, Allah is with the paitent”.

Quote by Hazrat Ali AS “through patience great things are accomplished”

“the one who practices patience will never be deprived of success, even though it may take long time”

I must say further “patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting”

Those who do not practice patience in their daily life are CONSIDER most coward people in society and all they are doing the blunder mistake and God knows when these people will awake and understand the importance of patience.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on July, 21 2017 10:35:12 PM

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