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Subject : Pakistani truck on British roads delights locals
A strange yet impressive sight was witnessed in the UK, when a Pakistani truck was spotted roaming the streets of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, as if it was on a local street on a fine afternoon in Pakistan. Much to the delight of those present around to catch the rare glimpse, the truck driver also honked to further captivate his audience. Ayesha, who shot the video, was delighted to share her experience. “People were stopping to admire the sight,” she said, adding that as a Pakistani she was thrilled to witness the spectacle of Pakistani culture on British roads. “I wish we could have more of these, Pakistani culture is quite admired and appreciated here,” she said.

Interestingly, unlike the trucks in Pakistan, the truck driver wasn't driving recklessly and the vehicle wasn't emitting the customary black smoke. Recently, the ‘Emerging Pakistan’ campaign has been introduced in London. The campaign includes London’s iconic red buses carrying brand Pakistan -- a move aimed at introducing Britons and international tourists to Pakistan’s beautiful culture and heritage. Tens of thousands of people will get to see the London buses daily. During four weeks, millions will see these buses depicting the diversity and beauty of Pakistan. The initiative is a part of celebrations planned by the Pakistan High Commission London for the 70th Independence Anniversary of Pakistan this year.


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Posted on July, 05 2017 09:15:59 PM

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