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Subject : SBP to provide new currency notes from June 12; here is how you can get them before Eid
Every year during Ramzan, State Bank of Pakistan launches a service which allows citizens to acquire new currency notes for Eid-ul-Fitr. SBP has continued the trend this year and has announced the new note service in collaboration with Pakistan Bank Association (PBA). Only last year SBP issued new currency notes worth of Rs. 249 billion and in 2015 this figure was stand on Rs. 154 billion. The service will be available across Pakistan and the public will be able to get the notes by using a short SMS code. The issuance of new currency notes will begin on 12th June 2017 and continue till 23rd June 2017.

How to Avail the Service?
To make use of the service, you need to send an SMS to 8877 with your CNIC number along with a branch ID number in the following format:

"CNIC number (space) branch ID"

Upon receipt of the above information, you will receive an SMS with your transaction number, the address of the branch where you can get the fresh notes and the date to visit the branch. You will also be required to bring your CNIC along with a photocopy of the card. The new fresh note service will be available at 1000 commercial bank branches and State Bank offices across 120 cities. Complaints will be registered at 021-111 008 877 during working hours.

Quota Per Person
A person will only be allowed to receive an allocated quote of fresh notes. The quote comprises of 3 notes of Rs. 10 and 2 packets each of Rs. 50 and Rs. 100 notes.

Points to Note
* SMS messages will charged at Rs. 1.5+ tax
* One person can only avail the service once during the whole month of Ramzan
* One mobile number can only be used with one CNIC. Every person would need to use separate mobile numbers.
* In case the date to visit the branch is missed, the transaction will become invalid.
* Bank branch codes and State Bank’s Branch IDs are different.

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Posted on June, 11 2017 02:06:31 AM

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