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Subject : Meter less RICKCHAW in Karachi
Meter less RICKCHAW in Karachi

I have no idea or what secret behind RICKCHAW running without meter and always asking bargaining fare which is almost double fare ( if compare with actual KM) but very regret and dis-appoint why Government authority silence and not interested to force or pressure all RICKCHAW to install meter by giving a dead line after than caught those RICKCHAW those do not install meter.

It is my observation that majority of RICKCHAW are running No METER and charge fare per KM Rs.20 which is too injustice and un fair. What problem for RICKCHAW to install and charge fare according to the exact fare but they want to earn double money and always cry of the following cheap excuses

1. Today CNG closed
2. GOVT increased CNG / Petrol price
3. Due to Traffic jammed that reasons take extra time

If we compare what transport facilities provided by the GOVT to Karachi citizen with Bombay India than every one will admire and appreciate, if any one hire RICKCHAW in Bombay India he does not PAY extra FARE, carry only 3 passenger with is their limit, do not enter in one way or wrong side, do not break the traffic rules plus those who ride RICKCHAW wearing uniform and display its metal tag as registered no. I must say those Pakistani who visited Bombay India MUST endorse and agree with my information otherwise go to Bombay India to get first hand TRUTH.

Why not such facility citizen of Karachi could not avail? Which means GOVT is helpless or powerless in this particular issue only to provide benefit to own citizen, sorry to say Here in Karachi any one can ride RICKCHAW, no seriously flow the traffic rules, un experience can also ride RICKCHAW and always carry passenger in BARGIN fare & NO Limit of passenger to carry even passenger can sit with the RICKCHAW diver and traffic police do not take serious notice or action.

I request to all Pakistani to decide in which side GOVT provides public transport better facility in Karachi or Bombay, if problem and defect in our transport system than how our GOVT will over come and make our transport system effective but it looks our GOVT and concern authority not interested to make struggle or improve our RICKCHAW transport system which indicates how our

GOVT is sincere to provide better public transport in the city of Karachi.
When start campaign against hose RICKCHAW who does not install METER and charging double BARGIN fare which is consider totally ill-legal and burden to the citizen to bear and GOVT do not interfere which means not interested to improve the public transport system which is too strange and shameful act.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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Posted on March, 05 2017 11:34:51 AM

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