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Subject : Iman Ali to star in a music video by Farhan Saeed
After a long absence from limelight, model Iman Ali plans to make a comeback starring in a music video by singer Farhan Saeed. The music video (for the single ‘Koi Raukey Na Mujhey’) is directed by Humza Yousuf and will feature him alongside model-actress Iman Ali (who is also starring in a music video with Shehzad Roy). The video will also feature veteran actor Sajid Hasan and fashion designer Munib Nawaz, according to Instep. As for the song, Saeed is departing from his usual, pop-driven sound and is planning on experimenting with dubstep which could go either way. After working with Jal for close to a decade which culminated in the albums Aadat and Boondh, Saeed, like several of his contemporaries, chose to go his solo way. The decision paid off as Saeed released a bunch of singles that played to his strengths as a singer. Songs like ‘Pi Jaun’ (2012), ‘Halka Halka Suroor’ (2013) and the more recent ‘Roiyaan’ (2014) have added to Saeed’s growing popularity on both sides of the border. So here’s hoping the new video lives up to expectations.

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Posted on March, 11 2016 08:32:21 PM

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