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Subject : Satellite channels are creating cultural issues in our society

Satellite channels can be any medium that helps to pass information to public. TV channels, mobile phones etc can be one of them.

For :

* Most of the television channels and their extreme drama can cause domestic issues in families.
* The younger generation seems to be the most effected because of violence shown.
* Most of the tele serials are based on extra marital affairs which makes most of us watch them with family.
* The advertisements shown, most of the times make no sense. Models with skimpy clothes cannot sell a product.
* A number of reality shows become obscene and disrupt minds of many users.

Against :

*Satellite channels can indeed be the most reliable source of information.
* It gives an update on all activities happening around the world, be it terrorism, war, crime etc.
* People become aware of thousands of things related to diseases, myths etc.
* Most channels help children gain knowledge. E.g. National geographic
* More channels will introduce more job opportunities in fields of journalism etc.
* It brings up social issues through news and reality shows.

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Posted on September, 15 2015 08:38:18 PM

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