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Subject : Nursery Rhymes - Johny Johny
‘Nursery Rhymes - Johny Johny’ is an interactive app designed for kids learning of four common nursery rhymes. It is an easy to use app with great features allowing the flexibility of kids using the smartphones themselves. The instructions are easy to follow and hassle free. Following are its salient features:

Download Nursery Rhymes - Android


Fun animation
The app welcomes you with two kids, a boy and a girl, standing in front of a space rocket and offering you to join them in their “space trip”. To proceed, you must tap on the “play” button. On doing so, you’re taken to another screen where the rocket hovers in space awaiting direction to land on a planet. The characters in each rhyme’s environment dance accordingly to the music and rhythm of the rhyme thus making it all the more fun for children and toddlers.

Famous Rhymes
This app gives you five nursery rhymes to select from. You select them by swiping on the screen. This will slide between five planets, each belonging to a different rhyme. The nursery rhymes included in this app are: ‘Johny Johny, Yes papa’, ‘I’m a little teapot’, ‘Teddy bear Teddy bear’, ‘Jingle bells, Jingle bells’, ‘Rain Rain go away’.

Easy to use
The app gives you the convenience of being very easy to use such that your toddlers can operate your smartphone or tablet easily. Hence, you can relieve yourself of the headache of being in your toddler’s presence at all times for guidance (except to take care that they don’t throw it away).

Download and install this app in your smartphone or tablet so you can teach your child nursery rhymes with ease and comfort. Thus, you can continue with your kitchen tasks or office emails and leave your child with a smartphone with this app for keeping busy with nursery rhymes.

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Posted on May, 21 2015 05:56:57 AM


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So nice app for childrens.

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Posted on May, 22 2015 09:23:11 AM


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g han bachon ke liye acha hai lekin main to ab bara ho gaya hm is liye mujhe suit ni kare ga

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Posted on May, 23 2015 05:53:47 PM

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