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All of life is a grand roll of the cosmic dice.

by (few years ago!)
Computer programming is religion for digits.

by (few years ago!)
Its better to get Cut & Split apart ones in all by Knife THAN Being in a fake Relation & Loosing a Part of 'you' each passing Day!!

by (few years ago!)
Religion may be an opium, but the alternative is cyanide. Take your pick!

by (few years ago!)
I don't believe in God but I know there is something out there...

by (few years ago!)
Maybe im not afraid of going to hell- because im already there.

by (few years ago!)
I envy the simple man, for his submission to Dogma has left him unknowingly an evil, and his ignorance has left him bliss

by (few years ago!)
Gunah per nidamat Gunah ko mita deti hy-Neki per garor Neki ko tbah kr deta hai “Mout ko hamesha yad rakho magar Mout ki arzo kabi na kro

by Raju (few years ago!)
ALLAH Ko Ye Na Batao K Meri Pareshani Kitni Bari He Bal-k Pareshani Ko ye Batao K Mera _ w _ c(__¡__) ¡ Kitna Bara He.

by Raju (few years ago!)
You, the one who ponders the meanings of dreams, feels secured by horoscopes, lives respectively to karma, and heeds to superstitions, calls the religious person a fool?

by (few years ago!)
God is sacred. Religion is profane.

by (few years ago!)
Religion is the Santa Clause myth for Adults

by (few years ago!)
What's important is not what is true, but what is perceived to be true

by (few years ago!)
The most humble statement, "I AM NOTHING WITHOUT THE HELP OF ALLAH", And the most Powerful Statement, "WITH THE HELP OF ALLAH I CAN DO EVERYTHING"

by shah (few years ago!)
God gave us music so we could pray without words.

by (few years ago!)

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