Aleeze Nasser

Name Aleeze Nasser
Nationality Dubai
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Famous For Acting And Modeling

Aleeze Nasser, Female Models is famous for Acting And Modeling, Dubai celebrity.

Aleeze Nasser was born in Dubai to a Pakistani father and a Turkish mother. She attended early schooling in Dubai and then moved to the United States where she attended New York Film Academy. She began her career as a model in Dubai. While working there she was approached by Hassan Rana and was offered a role in his film Yalghaar which she accepted. She was also offered to do a film with Denzel Washington. In an interview she has told: “I’ve been working with the Dubai Film Commission and was recently approached to star in a movie, which also features Denzel Washington.” Aleeze then also signed the film Waar 2 and the film Sayyan (2016) in which she will appear as the lead actress with Faysal Abbas

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