Falak Shabir

Name Falak Shabir
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth 27 December 1985
Place of Birth Lahore
Famous For Singing

Falak Shabir, Singers is famous for Singing, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 27 December 1985

Falak Shabir is a Pakistani pop singer. His 2008 debut single "Rog" was commercially successful. Falak Shabir and his family moved to Lahore due to his father’s business. They say, Success does not come to everyone that easily, most of the time you have to earn it and the same case was with Falak. After facing many ups and downs in his life and after all the struggle and hard work one can imagine Falak became what he is now “A Super Star”.

Falak started his own business of T-shirts and guitars under his own name. Since the age of 12, he had a profound interest in music. Playing his guitar and singing was just a hobby in his life initially which soon turned into his passion and ultimately his passion became his profession.
In the past recent years, many pop singers have been struggling hard to earn a name in the music industry of Pakistan. Falak emerged as a shining star and gained recognition for his distinctive talent and originality of outclass music. Due to his unique style, he is now a big craze for the young generation, be it Television, concerts in Pakistan as well as abroad. Abida Parveen has been his biggest source of inspiration.

Falak’s first video of ‘Rog’ appeared on Youtube in 2008 and since then, there has been no looking back for Falak as he sways to his own music with youngsters from all corners of the country. ‘Rog’ was nominated for TMA followed by his second super hit romantic number ‘Tera Saath Ho’, which was nominated for MTV. Both the videos were directed by Nasir Siddiqui. His third dance number ‘Mahiya’ also got him a lot of appreciation from entertained masses. In 2011, Falak amazed his fans with the video of ‘Soniye’ , shot in London revealing Falak’s talent at its best. ‘Ijazat’ later also received an excellent response from the overall audience of Falak’s music. This year Falak’s track ‘Tera Saath Ho’ has officially been a part of the music of the international movie ‘7 Welcome to London’ gaining more recognition for Falak’s talented music.

Falak has a long way to go. He has been thrilling audiences since a few years with his powerful, rich and melodious voice and will continue to do even better in the near future. He is indeed a gift for the music industry of Pakistan and will continue making Pakistan proud! Falak is indeed a gift for the music industry of Pakistan,and by God’s blessings and fan’s love,he will rock the world and will make Pakistan proud!

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