Ali Safina

Name Ali Safina
Nationality Pakistani
Date of Birth
Place of Birth Multan
Famous For Tv Actor Model Host

Ali Safina, Actors (TV) is famous for Tv Actor Model Host, Pakistani celebrity.

Ali Safina Born in Multan; Pakistan then he moved to Oman with his parents where he completed his schooling; for higher education he went to Scotland and got the degree in mechanical engineering. Time passed and eventually, Ali returned home to his family hoping to continue his studies by pursuing a Masters degree. It was then Ali realized that he was at a crossroads. His family send him to the best schools all of his life; it was pretty clear to Ali what he should do so he choosed the showbiz .


Ali started his career as a DJ then he did roles in many drama serials like Daag e nadamat, take ki aye gi baraat and many more . He got the real fame through the drama serial " Taake ki aye gi Baraat". After that he did funny talk shows as a host like" Hunn dass". He is still working with Aag tv in many shows as a VJ. Ali continues to host both his radio and TV shows “ which is an amazing feat unto itself. Ali remarks,

With such determination and dedication to his work, it's pretty clear that this is just the beginning of Ali Safina's journey. He has a long way to go, may be five, may be 10 years. He need polishing, He need refinement and then perhaps more and more people will appreciate his skills.

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